Spectra Reserve Ripcord Replacement

Request Spectra Reserve Ripcord

Thank you for responding to PSB 2015-01 concerning Spectra reserve ripcords manufactured during 2014 and part of 2015. To request your replacement ripcord use our Ripcord Replacement Request Form and enter all required information. Once received, we will be sending you a new Spectra reserve ripcord for installation at your next scheduled reserve repack.

View more information about PSB 2015-01 and view the steps for an interim solution

Apologies for any inconvenience

Current Delivery Time: 40 Weeks :: Call For Exact Times

Minimum of 24 business hours to process spare parts orders.

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Berserk Freefly 2013
World Freestyle Champions

Container: Vector MICRON
Members: Marius Sotberg, Rune Antonsen and erectile dysfunction Arne Helge Andersen

Animare 2013
USPA Freestyle Champions

Container: Vector MICRON
Style: Standard

Photo Credit Left to Right: Keith Creedy & Ori Kuper

Speedkix 2012
British National Champions

Container: Vector MICRON
Style: V-Split

Photo credit: SpeedKix

Babylon 2012
French National Champions

Container: Vector MICRON
Style: Standard


Team Bodyflight Voluntas
Danish National 4-Way Team

Gold Medal - Danish Nationals 2010, 2013

Container: Vector MICRON
Style: V-Split

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