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Tandem Rigging

Tandem Rigging
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Recommended Lifetime on Tandem Components

Uninsured United Parachute Technologies has established a recommendation of the "lifetime" of tandem canopies and other components:

  • Suspension Lines: 350 - 500 jumps
  • F-111 Main Canopy: After 600 jumps, or if porosity level exceeds 12 CFM
  • ZP Main Canopy: 1400 - 1600 jumps (Depends on environment)
  • Drogue Centerline: 300 jumps
  • Drogue Assembly: 600 jumps
  • Harness / Container: Inspection every 25 jumps
  • Harness / Container: 1000 jumps
  • Main Risers: 600 jumps
  • Replace old RSLs with brass shackle & welded pins

  • Mandatory Recertification

  • Reserve Canopy is limited to 25 uses, 40 repacks, or 20 years, whichever comes first. (Must be sent back to UPT for Recertification)

These recommendations are based on years of observing tandem malfunctions and equipment failure reports. Tandem system owners should maintain a log for each component mentioned above. Different geographical areas present problems that can contribute to accelerated wear-n-tear. (such as Dz's located near salt water and sand) Due to this fact, certain components may degrade quicker than the above recommended lifetimes.

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