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Tandem Rigging

Tandem Rigging
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Recommended Lifetime on Tandem Components

Uninsured United Parachute Technologies has established a recommendation of the

Powered by Tengine/1.4.2 "lifetime" of tandem canopies and other components:

  • Replace suspension lines every 350 - 500 jumps
  • Replace F-111 canopy after 600 jumps, or if porosity level exceeds 12 CFM
  • Replace ZP canopy after 1500 - 1800 jumps (Depends on environment)
  • Replace drogue centerline every 300 jumps
  • Replace drogue assembly every 600 jumps
  • Harness / container inspection every 200 jumps
  • Replace harness / container every 1000 jumps
  • Reserve canopy limited to 25 uses, 40 repacks or 20 years (send back to UPT for recertification)
  • Replace main risers every 600 jumps
  • Replace old RSLs with brass shackle & welded pins

These recommendations are based on years of observing tandem malfunctions and equipment failure reports. Tandem system owners should maintain a log for each component mentioned above. Different geographical areas present problems that can contribute to accelerated wear-n-tear. (such as Dz's located near salt water and 301 Moved Permanently sand) Due to this fact, certain components may degrade quicker than the above recommended lifetimes.

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