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Vector SE - Student

The Student Vector SE harness and container system is built to the same demanding specifications as all the United Parachute Technologies products incorporating the Vector 3 design and features - designed for jumpers by engineers, well tested by our professional test partners in the field, and built to the highest standard by craftsmen. The reliability, durability, and ease of maintenance made the "cost per student jump"-ratio extremely low. This is combination with the flexibility and easy handling had made the Student Vector SE the primary choice of student equipment by most major student operations around the world.

For all SE configurations please see the bottom of this page for photos.

SEcont1 SEcont1
Available Colors
* = 1000 Denier





Neon Orange




Neon Pink*











 light blue

Light Blue


Neon Blue


Royal Blue


Navy Blue




Neon Grn


Kelly Grn*


Forest Grn


Olive Drab*






Desert Digi










Coyote Brown











Disclaimer: Due to color variances among monitors the colors that appear on your screen may not be exact. Please see your Dealer for color swatches.

The standard Student Vector SE is designed to quickly and easily be set up for a large variety of deployment systems:
  • Direct Bag Static Line
  • Pilot Chute Assist Static Line
  • Rip Cord
  • Hand Deploy

The Student Vector SE can be adapted to meet many types of specific needs in case a single purpose system is required.

Base Price Included Items

  • SkyHook RSL
  • AAD Ready
  • Reserve: Pilot Chute, Bag & Bridle, Toggles
  • Hand Dyeploy Pilot Chute, Bridle, 3 Ring Release
    Handle, Deployment Bag, Risers, Toggles
  • Manual
  • Inspection Window
  • Reserve Pin Inspection Window
  • Stainless Steel

Available SE Options

  • Adjustable Main Lift Web
  • Static Line Setup
  • Left Open BOC Pouch
  • Spring Loaded Main Ripcord Setup
  • Adjustable Stabilizers
  • B12 Snaps (Leg Hardware)
  • Custom embroidery $26.00 minimum
  • Carry Handle

Static Line

Hand Deploy Pilot Chute

Pilot Chute Assist

The History

Why : In 2002 UPT decided that an upgrade to the then Vector 2 student rig was required. We had already stopped production of the Vector 2 sport system, but we had continued to produce the Vector 2 student system as a low cost alternative to DZO™s, but we identified a need to keep up with the times and update to the latest technology of the day.

  • Engineering: We went about the design in the following fashion. First of all we wanted a container that was still cost effective, comfortable, easy to use and easy to maintain - while also utilizing the latest technology to ensure the safest container for low experience jumpers. Many other manufacturers had gone the route of adding student options to their sport rig, which is not very cost effective and is difficult to maintain, with features not necessarily beneficial to student operations.
  • Comfort: We based the backpad and yoke on our already popular Vector 3 container - we also added extra foam padding to the legpads with double wide webbing. The legpads also have a simple form of adjustment to fit a wider range of jumpers.
  • Cost: We purposely costed the container below that of our sport container. We were able to do this by simplifying the container without compromising safety and strength. For example, we changed the centre flap design to a 3 stripe instead of a 5 stripe design which saved an hour of production costs. We also removed the full wraparound corners of the main container, but still maintained excellent bridle protection. We reduced the amount of options available thus requiring less time in the production and inspection process.
  • Ease of use: We removed the internal riser covers to make packing simpler for inexperienced jumpers. We also added the reserve and AAD windows so instructors could perform more effective gear checks without opening flaps, especially useful in smaller aircraft. The external riser covers were designed to be easily replaced. All components are less expensive to replace, adding to your bottom line.
  • Technology and safety: The Skyhook system was made a standard feature on all SE containers. This is the latest greatest reserve deployment system. This feature adds to the wellbeing and confidence of the student after a cutaway, besides getting the reserve out in about 33 meters. This container is also built with UPT's ™usual high standard of quality and support to ISO 9001:2000 standard.

Contact Info

  • Uninsured United Parachute Technologies, LLC
  • 1645 Lexington Avenue,
  • DeLand, Florida, 32724-2106, USA
  • Tel: +1 (386) 736-7589
  • Fax: +1 (386) 734-7537
  • Email:

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